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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Well!  We think you'll find Crop2Shop so useful that you may decide not to bother with the time and expense of maintaining a dedicated website.  But you may of course continue your sales through your other online or in-person avenues.  We only ask that for any inquiries you receive through Crop2Shop that those sales be consummated through the platform.  Reminder that there is no cost to the farmer for use of the platform.
    It depends on your farmer! Look at the unit pricing provided, then if you have any questions, reach out to the farmer via the Chat function to inquire about the quantities you are interested in purchasing.  Crop2Shop's value is in its flexibility, so both farmers and purchasers can experiment with small quantities at first then adapt pricing and quantities as customers respond.
    For home deliveries, yes, sort of.  But Crop2Shop allows you much more flexibility in the types and quantities you can order, arranged directly through with the farmer(s).

    Yes!  Crop2Shop’s Chat function allows both parties to the transaction to address any and all logistical issues involved in the transaction with your retailer and set up a delivery schedule that meets your needs. If you don't deliver, simply enter the radius within which you expect to make sales through the "Delivery Radius" menu item then arrange pickup using the Chat function on the platform.

    Yes!  Crop2Shop facilitates payment via credit cards, PayPal and Stripe through the website, but allows for cash transactions as well.  The logistics for cash transactions are managed through the website’s Chat function.

    Yes!  Crop2Shop’s Chat function allows direct communication between parties through the website.

    Tell us!  We’ll seek them out for you and do our best to add them to the service.

    Any product that is produced locally in your area.  Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are the target commodity.  But honey, maple syrup, eggs, jams, jellies and almost any other farm product can be bought and sold via Crop2Shop!

    Tell us!  We’ll add it!

    Yes!  Households can use Crop2Shop in the exact same way that retailers can. Simply register as a "Retailer" then start shopping for your fruit, vegetables, meat and more!

    Yes!  Restaurants can participate in Crop2Shop in the exact same way that storefronts can.  Simply register as a "Retailer," then start shopping!

    We recognize that both the farmer and the retailer have unique constraints on both sides of the transaction.  The default mode of transportation is for the producer/farmer to transport to the retailer or household.  But which ever method is selected, the Chat function on the website is provided so that all aspects of delivery (days of the week, times, means and responsibility for delivery) can be arranged between the producer and retailer.  Note: an option for third-party transportation will be added to the platform in the future.

    It costs nothing for producers to join and to use Crop2Shop!  Retailers pay a small surcharge on the price negotiated for the product(s), which is added to the total for the transaction.

    These are handled directly between the parties either in-person at delivery or through the Chat function of the website in a manner similar to an in-person farmstand.

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