Corner stores, convenience stores, and specialty markets want to sell your produce! And households also want your products! Find them here!

Crop2Shop is your virtual storefront, allowing retailers in your area to serve as your own farmstand(s). You identify the types of products and the quantities you want to sell, and the geographic area you are willing to provide them, and nearby retailers will use Crop2Shop to find you! Our chat feature then allows you to make your deal with your newfound customers including any logistics involved in delivery of your product. The result is increased sales and less time managing your own points-of-sale or your website, or both.

How It Works

Tell us your LOCATION

Tell us the products you would like to sell, the quantity, and the price.

Match! We match you with the retailers interested in selling your product.

Don’t accept credit cards? No problem!

Crop2Shop allows credit card transactions through our web service. But for producers who don’t accept credit cards, we allow for cash transactions as well. The logistics involved in cash transactions are addressed between the retailer and the producer via the chat function of our website.


Organic Products

If you are an organic farmer, identify yourself as such on our website for retailers who are looking for such producers!

Locally made

Promote your locally made products through Crop2Shop.

  Made In New York

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