Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Crop2Shop’s Chat function allows direct communication between parties through the website.

No!  Crop2Shop facilitates payment via credit cards, PayPal and Strype through the website, but allows for cash transactions as well.  The logistics for cash transactions are managed through the website’s Chat function.

Yes!  Households can participate in Crop2Shop in the exact same way that retailers can.

These are handled directly between the parties either in-person at delivery or through the Chat function of the website in a manner similar to an in-person farmstand.

The default mode of transportation is for the producer/farmer to transport to the retailer or household.  Other arrangements for transportation can be made using the Chat function on the website.  An option for third-party transportation will be added in the future.

It costs nothing for producers to join and to use Crop2Shop!  Retailers pay a small surcharge on the price negotiated for the product(s), which is added to the total for the transaction.

Yes!  Restaurants can participate in Crop2Shop in the exact same way that storefronts can.

Yes!  Crop2Shop’s Chat function allows the parties to directly address any and all logistical issues involved in the transaction.

This is a feature we will be adding in the near future.

For home deliveries, yes, sort of.  But Crop2Shop allows you much more flexibility in the types and quantities you can order, arranged directly through your farmer(s).