Find producers in your area who can provide the produce your customers want, in quantities you can manage

Retail food shoppers want fresh produce. Crop2Shop addresses your challenge of managing sales of fresh products at the neighborhood scale. We connect you, the retailer, with local producers who are able to provide fresh produce in quantities you can manage which maximizes your return and allows you to minimize losses due to spoilage. Types and quantities of produce offered can be fine-tuned according to sales and customer demand often, as frequently as daily if you wish. Crop2Shop’s chat feature allows you to communicate directly with your newfound produce suppliers and to communicate about any logistics involved in delivery of product to you and to manage cash transactions if applicable.

How It Works

Tell us your LOCATION

Tell us the products you are interested in selling.

Match! We match you with the local producers who can provide your produce in your desired quantities.

Households can join too!

You, the individual, can use Crop2Shop to arrange deliveries of produce to your home too. Sign up and look for farmers in your area who are able to deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, or perhaps eggs to your home in the varieties and quantities you desire at the price you want.

  Made In New York

Locally made

Promote your locally made products through Crop2Shop.

Made In New York

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  Made In New York

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